Sunday, June 03, 2007

Toilet wisdom

I guess we should take life very seriously - but ourselves? Hmmm, not so sure....anyhow, it's been a long weekend and I need to lighten up a little. So, here goes - a sunday question. What book resides in your loo? What are you reading as you sit.....?

For the record, I am reading 'Troublesome Words' by Bill Bryson

Today's word was:

filigree - its meaning? "for intricate or delicate ornamentation"

There, I guess we'll all sleep better tonight for knowing that....on this balmy sunday evening I would love to know what read resides by your toilet - very wierd i know...forgive me


Niki said...

a million little pieces - james frey. well actually that lives wherever I live; including the toilet.

Awareness said...

Lots of reading found in the loo here. Many copies of the New Yorker magazines. In fact, I have seriously thought about using the wonderful artwork on the cover to wallpaper the walls....:)Lots of magazines.....

What else? Mostly humour! Jon Stewart's book on America, David Letterman's top 10 lists from way back, The Far Side treasury.....and right now a gardening book.

You make me laugh........and you call me crazy?!

Anna said...

I read US Weekly. It is an American celebrity magazine that I talked the man at our corner store to get me so I can have a slice of mindless reading from home....please dont tell anyone though is my guilty pleasure! :)

Kyle said...

Of Course I give you permission!

I am very flattered by the compliments you've given me, especially coming from such a fantastic photographer as yourself. You're pictures have the quintessential professionalism with a perfect mixture of individuality. I hope one day I can create the professional quality that all of your pictures flaunt so elegantly!

Thanks again, I always look forward to hearing from you,


mister tumnus said...

books in our bog:

calvin and hobbes (something under the bed is drooling)

sigmund freud (five lectures on psychoanalysis)

the blackbird's nest (collection of poetry from queen's university, belfast)

the communist manifesto

viz- top tips

i like to read poetry on the toilet and the other stuff in the bath. the communist manifesto is a handy size for getting spiders out of the bath.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

lots of good reads

niki, never heard of, let alone read James Frey - story?

danagood idea - i once knew someone who decorated their bedroom with the covers of newsweek magazine

ps, todays word was/is first and foremost. Vhoose one.

don't blame me crazy but i do sometimes read 'Time' magazine.... gulity pleasures - now there's a blog title for you....

thank you. you must be kind and easily pleased. I think your eye and talent laves mine in its wake - will post in the next few days - hope all is well 5000 miles away

ah, mr t
i knew i could rely on you to say the bog word - that's an indearing phrase from my childhood - bless you!!!

never realised the communist manifesto was so multi-functional!

Niki said...

It's the story of a guy who went into rehabilitation at 23 after nearly killing himself with alcohol. It's his journey of sobriety without using AA. Interesting charity shop find

if you're interested...

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

thank you - have ordered it

hope you are doing ok

Niki said...

Oh hope you like it; I don't like it when I recommend things that aren't liked!

I'm okay; hope you are.

Caroline said...

I don't leave a book by the loo - just take whatever I am currently reading.

Actually, am between serious involvement in a book right now - rereading and skimming several though. One is "Reinventing Your Life" which has been a powerful element in my recovering. Others are books on making bags - a current passion, and a "green" one for me as I continue to scour charity shops for old denim jeans to reuse. I need some fiction though...

Mog said...

I recently received a book back from a friend. The book was "Faith Beyond Resentment" by James Alison - a very, very good book. Now, I must make a confession. I am not a bogbook-reader. There is something about it that takes away from the whole experience. Back to James Alison... my friend who had borrowed the book is an avid partaker of a defecatory-theological-browse. And he had bookmarked the page he stopped James' wonderful treatise on with, yes, a single, solitary piece of toilet paper. Never has a piece of toilet paper looked so lonely, so misplaced or so utterly suggestive of the real reason we go to the toilet as this one. Those are my toilet-book thoughts, so help me God.
I should get Mog to write a haiku on the subject. I obviously feel deeply about it!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I have two books in there: "Preaching the U2 Catalog", a Devotional that I don't know the name of, and "Wired" magazine.

Awareness said...

hey there......I have to jump in again because I forgot to mention the two most read books.....the complete simpsons book, and Uncle John's absolutely absorbing bathroom includes everything from word origins to crazy news stories to inventions to quotes, to historical facts. LOVE it!

Did you know that the Ramses brand condom was named after the great Pharoah Ramses who fathered 160 children? makes one want to purchase some doesn't it?

Mr t. has introduced two words into my vocabulary.......bog and geg. :)
While I'm on the topic, when my son was a wee geg, he would spend an inordinate amount of time in the bog.....sitting and sitting and sitting, while momma sat with him. He ended up learning how to add and subtract and eventually all of his multiplication tables sitting in the bog. When he was older, and I wasn't chained to sitting on the side of the tub talking to him, he would yell out a request for a math question to do in his head!! It was then that we introduced him to the joy of reading in the bog.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Um, not to butt in, but James Frey was caught lying throughout that book and finally confessed that he fabricated much of his "true life story". I read the book before he was found out and kind of suspected it...he's a great writer, I wish he would have just called it fiction because it ruined it for me to find out he was not truthful.

Niki said...

Layla; I was aware of the fabrications in the book before I read it as I was told about it by someone else, therefore I was able to take it as fiction. However it is still a book which I love to read and has helped me personally, no matter what other opinions and facts and whatever are out there. Frey might not've been 100% honest, but he's still one hell of a writer.

Anna said...

Stopped by to say hi...(like this is your front door or something!)

Have a great weekend Paul!


Kathryn said...

Loads of books in our loo...mostly of the vaguely humorous (Gerald Ambulance etc) or really humorous (Dave Walker) plus assorted magazines...Amnesty, Third Way etc...Rough Guide to a Better world.
My husband is peculiarly hard to buy presents for, and very often his family will buy the supposed to be funny book of the current Christmas - a genre known here as loo books - so lots of those. No wonder the queues build up in these parts!

Mr. Althouse said...

I love Bill Bryson's work. His "A Short History of Nearly Everything" is a masterpiece. I'll have to check this one out.