Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Belt we call Green

There must be few places on earth that are as precious and magical
Few places where the veil between heaven and earth so thin
Few places where stones are not thrown
and the planks in our own eyes are sought
rather than looking for the specks in others

Few places where the fragrance of heaven is so recognized
Few places where grace dances so freely
Few places where vulnerability is shared
and humility expressed,
a place where all the prodigals can come home

A place of being held
being accepted no matter what
being loved
where all are appreciated
and held dear

An exquisite home for the refugees, the broken and the marginalised
A magical
enchanting asylum for those broken on the wheels of living...

...a sacrament
a sacred space
a place of light
of hope...
a home...
it's a place we call greenbelt

...more to follow...

1 comment:

Jules said...

Thank you.

I became a Christian in my mid 20s, saved out of a nightmare of drugs and alcohol, with a life shreaded to pieces, a heart smashed, and all my hopes dead. I had been deserted by my husband and left a single parent with no idea how to raise kids without a Dad. The drugs nummed the unbearable suicidal pain.
One day I went to church! having had no Christian upbringing and knowing no Christians!!

They sang, they stood up, they sat down, they recited strange words and they looked different to me. I probably looked pretty scruffy and dishevelled.
I wondered what the hell I was doing there.
At the end they sang a song called' Father God I Wonder' I literally collapsed...totally washed over with this amazing love in my heart, it was filling me up I couldn't stand.... I cried and cried and sobbed my guts up. I suddenly knew God was real, Jesus was alive, the Bible was true, it was all bloody true and I felt and understood and 'knew' without even trying. 'Go save my people' an inner voice said, the lonely, the lost, the addicts, the beaten up, those rejected by society. I got the picture. ' They should be in here' ( church) the voice continued. Ok I thought. I knew it was God.

Outside it was cold the world looked shiny and beautiful and different.

Home. No more drugs. Peace, joy overflowing, telling everyone about Jesus!!!

Total freedom inside me. Rejoicing. No more broken heart.

Over a period of 12 years the institutional church sucked my joy away, watered down my faith, made me feel un-acceptable, valueless, and a fraud.

I was told to 'tone down' be quiet, change the way I dress, stop going on about the poor as God loves us all the same, stop dying my hair, I burnt my Springsteen records, I was ridculed shouted at and was on the verge of dying inside when someone said to me do you want to go to 'Greenbelt'?
My Pastor warned me against it....
I went I was scared the wierdos would get me. I was desperate. I went any way.

Suddenly I was lying on the grass staring at the sky. I had put my tent up and for some reason I just lay there. Quietly but tangibly this gentle peace began to flow into my heart..... it kept coming. It felt like freedom. I felt that here i would be loved and accepted. I began to cry, just layed there crying and crying. I was 'home' I just knew it. I could smell the grace all around me..... it just got better. Can you imagine 'me' listening to Mike Yaconelli for the 1st time having spent 12 years being told off for being just like he was saying it was ok to be!!The Alternative worship blew me away, moved my soul, fed me and gave me hope. think i went to every service....

Jesus saved me..... Greenbelt brought me 'home' Land of Hope and Dreams.... I've bought all my Springsteen cds!