Sunday, August 06, 2006


I started this blog really for a way of finding therapy for my today, I preach to myself, my soul if you like. knowing that if i listen closely, if i have the courage to do so, i just may see the divine, and in seeing the divine, i may just also see myself.

the trouble is, am i willing to see the truth of who i am, the real me? for the reason i don't stop most of the time is because i do not want to see who i am - that person who lurks beneath...

they say the truth sets you free, hmmm, it also breaks you to pieces

if i stopped

if i was quiet for a minute
if i was calm
if i was still

if i turned everyone down
if i switched everything off
if i ceased looking everywhere all at once
if i was silent
if i was still

if i stayed at home
if i didn't pick up the phone
if i was out even when i was in
if i was silent
if i was still

if i slowed

if i simply sat

if i stood on my head
and emptied out the contents

if i stopped

would you be there
would you speak to me
would i be able to hear you
would it be worth it?

if i stopped
would it be long enough?

if i was silent
would i hear anything?

if i heard something
would i know it was you?

if i did
would i be interested?

if i was
would i stop again?

(Martin Wroe from 'When You Haven't Got a Prayer: A journalist talk to God')


Layla said...

Wow, that was great and very timely for me.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

we all need moments of grace...

pleased the wisdom of the lovely mr wroe helped, he is a good man

mister tumnus said...

i'm here mister harbour. always a'lurkin'...

Awareness said...

yesterday, I had an opportunity to paddle a canoe out on a lake on my own. I don't have this opportunity drop down on me very often these days, (though I must seek it out more often)but I spent a great deal of my adolescence canoeing........

So, I paddled.......stroke, j-stroke, stroke, stroke.......balancing the gunnel close to the surface of the water, keel out of the water as much as I could......alone.....and then I just let the canoe float as I sat quietly with the sun on my face listening to the small noises all around me....waves, bit of wind, birds, background kids on the beach....

I floated for quite a long time listening to God's song of life.

Writing and canoeing are the two activities that allow me to feel the most spiritual........

Your post put words to my afternoon attempts to talk to God.

KH said...

I was reading something from the Iona Community today and it quoted one of its members as saying:

'There is meaning in the search.'

Thank goodness is all I can say.

Keep searching...keep listening...and keep sharing...

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Mr T, pleased to know you are still around - it's been a while since you blogged...

Awareness, the symphony of nature is the most beautiful - it's a shame we are too busy (most of the time) to take a listen to the divine orchestra

loving your blog!

KH, I agree - most of the time the search is the only meaning i have - i find myself clinging to it more and more...thank you

mister tumnus said...

thanks for that. it is good when people remind me to blog a little. i do enjoy it but it's like everything good that isn't chocolate; takes effort.

it's there, awaiting your perusal...