Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Masturbatory Worship and the Torah According to Gonzo

Out of repsect for 9/11 and James Dean I have held off posting this until now. Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe the kind of worship that says it's all about 'Him' but in truth is all about me me me me me me. I call it Jesus Wank, because i find it loathsome and offensive - I mean God is my father and Jesus my saviour - they are not my boyfriends!

So when a friend sent me this link I nearly pissed my pants. Take a look and listen, it's fantastic!

It's All About ME ME ME ME ME

and talking of causing a stir, my good brother in alms
Rabbi Niles has just written the "world of gonzo," it is 'rife with indignation, agitation, cynicism and a "biting urge to revolt," this book delivers such a soulful commentary that it could just as easily be called "Judaism Unplugged." Like musicians who return to the roots of their profession and play without electronica, Rabbi Goldstein, founding rabbi of the New Shul in Manhattan, reminds readers—whether they are new seekers or lapsed practitioners of Judaism—to confirm their knowledge of the "nuts and bolts" of their tradition before wistfully seeking the mystical. "Judaism, when presented in its best and most authentic light, doesn't coddle—it confronts," he says. Similarly, the rabbi pulls no punches, but manages to do so with the easy style of a coffeehouse conversation. Using a combination of Jewish history and personal anecdotes, he offers a wide range of alternative ways to explore Judaism individually or in small groups, if large congregations are not appealing. The extensive resource list that includes congregations, organizations and recommended reading promises to serve readers of all ages. With this edgy, funny, wise book, Goldstein may just have found a way to ensure the survival of the religion for another 6,000 years, - worth a look and maybe even a double purchase?? Every home should have them!


LoserBaby said...

hey man

appreciated the joy and sorrow posting. beautiful and tender. may very well use it as my artist's statement for the installation i'm doing in the cafe next month.

as for the worship as self pleasurement, it took me right back to our conversation as we drove to church on that o'donoghue weekend in belfast last year accompanied by metallica and moshing despite hangovers.

intrigued by the manhattan rabbi. in the early hours of this morning i was reflecting i don't think i could give myself to atheism before first giving judasim a whirl on the dancefloor of belief.

here's to irreverant truths and tradition

keep on keepin' on,


Awareness said...

That was hilarious. Unfortunately there is more truth in it than fiction. Maybe if more people watched that clip, something would sink into their navel gazing pea brains and realize that they are looking in the wrong mirror!!

I'll check that book out......

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Cary, how could i forget that morning...after many coffee's and us both rather nervous of stepping into such an environment - metallica was just the tonic our worthship needed....(what was thw track again?)

then to find the first words were the immortal....'oh jesus' ....pure briliance! will never forget, ever...

...use use away the joy and sorrow saying...painfully beautiful, and as for the rabbi, he's quite a character, wild, impulsive but very aware and very prophetic for not only his people, but all involved in the mosaic

may gonzo stay close

p x

awareness, agree totally, and love the sharp observance ref' the wrong still waiting for my tight friend to send me a free of the book, so let me know how it is...