Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thought for the Day

...given to me by my buddy Rudi:

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways, truer answers, or more beautiful, promising potentialities

...wise words from one so hung over


Seeing Without Eyes said...

I feel those words, very much so.

However, for someone with a soul as powerful as yours, EVERY one of your moments is your finest - regardless of how difficult that may sometimes be for you to acknowledge.

You have a gift that enables you to directly connect with people in a way that extends far beyond the realms of the senses and defies all that is measureable.

Many more gifts - yet to be unwrapped - have been bestowed upon you, but you already know this. It is just that sometimes, you find that a little hard to accept - but that is to be expected!

I marvel at your existence; you are truly beautiful to behold - ineffable creature that you are.


Awareness said...

I love this thought.

It's when we are the most humbled possibly? When our sense of confidence and bravado is stripped away........and we don't expect anything?

Mata H said...

Ah, here I go again -- rambling on to you that not only is there wisdom to be found in the muck and mire of our lives, but in the joy as well. Sometimes I can only see the truth when I lift my heart to joy. I don't mean the spankety-pankety kind of sugary smiley faced joy -- but the joy that comes when we let ourselves get gobsmacked by grace, slapped silly by love. (but you knew that )

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

i wonder when our souls are at their most powerful and how that looks?

...and what the difference between humility and lack of self worth...and how that affects confidence and bravado?

and wisdom from joy...ramble away my friend - i need to hear it

mister tumnus said...

'...and what the difference between humility and lack of self worth...and how that affects confidence and bravado?'

if anyone can answer that i'll send them a mars bar. i guess somewhere in here there is a questioning of our selves and what we mean by 'I'. it's a tricky one.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Mr T - very - but with a mars bar on offer... never know

Scott said...

Love love love the words. I could not agree with them more. Some of the best decisions in my life have happened during the most difficult times of my life.



Rainbow dreams said...

wise words indeed - reassuring and stimulating

I'll leave the mars bar for someone else though ;)

Mata H said...

Humility is understanding one's worth accurately in the larger scheme of things. Lack of self worth is assuming one has no worth, and it renders one unable to see ones self accurately. Confidence is just a relaxed acceptance of who we are. Bravado is pushy and annoying and inflated. It comes from the terrifying vulnerability felt by those who have lack of self worth. It is the shell grown to hide the wound and to push others away from seeing it.

IMO do I get at least part of a Mars bar? a nibble?

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Mr T, what do you think? Should we send Mata at least part of the mars bar?

mister tumnus said...

gadzooks! mata, i think you deverve a whole bag of fun size mars bars!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...


you shall now be known as Yoda

mars bars in the post....

ps, where do we send them?

Rainbow dreams said...

well deserved mars bars :)

it's seeing the terrifying vulnerability instead of the pushy annoying inflated bravado that is so hard at times

The Harbour of Ourselves said...


am serious - where shall i send them? a deal is a deal