Friday, July 28, 2006


Have decided this morning as I drink coffee and contemplate life that faith is different from proof (no shit, you might say); the latter is a kind of human thing, the former is a Gift from God. I think i would do well to remember that more...


The Meaning Weakened by the Lies said...

I do believe that is another Blaise Pascal quote no?

Ironically, faith, regardless of our religious beliefs, drives the lives of all human beings not proof. As a scientist you learn that NOTHING can be proved, only weighed by its merits and so you need to have faith in a reason why.

Faith is a lot harder to destroy than proof. Once the proof has gone what have you got left?

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Is it? Really don't know, not that well read on Pascal. Kinda spooky I am thinking the same thing - though I was once was told there was no such thing as original thought...

I like your observation that faith is a lot harder to destroy than proof - it's more than reassuring

urbanmonk said...

Hey, I typed the word monasticism into the blogger search and you came up.

Great images. I like bloggers who use images to connect with thoughts. Are they your own photos?

Very cool.

Hope you dont mind, but I have linked you up on my blog.

Stop by some time.

And, yes, it is more than reassuring that faith is harder to destroy than proof. I used to think that "living by faith" meant believing in miracles etc...That if I asked with enough of it, God would do some stupid thing on my stupid whims and false thinking that my understading of the world would influence Gods actions.

Now, I realise that faith is almost the absense of belief, if you catch my meaning. Or, that it is an openess that is not attached to anything in particular.. How can faith be concrete? It is this quality that makes it difficult to destroy.

I like the u2 song, "Walk on." It always speaks to me about faith..

"What you got they cant see it
No they cant even feel it.."


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

ah, an urban monk in cyber space - maybe you are as my friend Mike Riddell would say also a part time cyber monk

My MA Thesis was based on Bonhoeffer's prediction that the renewing of the Western Church would come from a contemporary monastic movement, which is probably why I popped up on the search - don't think I have put it on my site - must remedy that

many of the images are mine, but a few aren't - Am sure i am supposed to acknowledge the original photographers, but to be honest it seems like a drag (take me to cyber prison) I think the ones that aren't are reasonably obvious though. I think you are right though, the images help the words...

Don't mind you linking...will drop by your site soon

I like your musing that faith is the absence of belief very much...walk on as the man in glasses sings

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

It was Kierkegaard (I think) who said (paraphrasing badly) that faith necessitates our making a leap into uncertainty and a willingness to ahere to an attitude of infinite resignation about our ability to work out the radical mystery of God

i think that means we should let go of our preoccupation to have proof...maybe