Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Communities grow strong when old men and women plant trees whose shadows they know they will never sit in.

Being aware of peoples spiritual needs, and nurturing practical yet diverse ways in meeting those needs is what this community is about. www.greenbelt.org.uk

Nowhere else have I found companionship like this.... for my latest rambles go to http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/?s=21

Community is a strange concept. It’s something we all crave for but few of us experience in its purest form. Many of us talk a good theology of it, but in practice? That’s another story all together. Part of the problem with the lack of complete community is that we, as individuals, usually gravitate toward people who are like us, and shy away from those who are different. There is a good reason for this. As humans we have inherited an innate fear of difference.

Belonging is an essential component to living “life in all its fullness”, but so often this is marginalised and corrupted by our incessant (though quite natural) desire to belong to groups who are like-minded.

To prarprase the wonderful Adrain Plass, there are days when I worry and am confused about the Church (about community)
- maybe even a little frightened at times, but as we sit in the darkness every August bank holiday, i know in my heart of hearts that the church will be alright in the end.

Because there will be people like you (out there in cyber-land) who when the tongues have stopped, and the prophesies have ended, and the kangaroo-hopping has come to a stand still, and the religious posing and posturing fools no-one anymore, will still be ready to share the burdens of the little people who are close to them.

We are one but not the same.......

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