Friday, January 20, 2006


Well, it's nearly the witching hour, and i have to say the night has been kind (ish)

Thursday night is boys night out - the animals (Rudi, Alister, Grant and myself) play tennis and then hit town for a curry and bad, yet wholesome, behaviour. We are aptly named 'the animals' by others at the tennis centre as evidently we do behave like them (can't see it myself, although some say when the 4 of us are on court it's like McEnroe, Nastase, Connors & another McEnroe are present - personally i feel that sometimes adolescent behaviour and passion are confused - semantics, maybe?!)

Anyhow a full on hour and a half of balls being hit as hard as possible (at one another) followed by a myriad of indian delight was very much enjoyed - happy to hear Samuel did get to sing to his grandad - though his spots have nearly tripled, and are now starting to itch, poor thing!

thanks to all who care and have either in the physical or through cyber space caressed my weary soul today. As my friend and mentor likes, here are my 5 words of now:


love love love, more love and beer.... always x

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