Monday, January 30, 2006

The Dr has departed

His time here has now passed and he goes to London for a dinner date he is both thrilled about and terrified of, mind you, i suppose it's not every day you get to have dinner with a Hollywood legend!

For those who don't and couldn't know what one of the Dr's many hats are, he is Chair of a peace initiative in Belfast called Zero28. The Zero28 project is a group of people trying to take peace making and social justice seriously, wherever they are. They commit themselves to living the change they want to see through non-violent action for peace and justice in Northern Ireland and beyond. People who beleive faith, life and work need to connect with each other, who care about actively addressing issues of peace, justice, social ethics, the environment, and how they are expressed through art and culture.

I met many of these wonderful people when I was last in Belfast, I will be back with them in a couple of weeks - my soul will be once more be stirred by the greening of Belfast.

I left him at the airport this morning with knots in his tummy....poor sure he'll be fine, but think of him tonight at 8pm all the same

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