Sunday, January 29, 2006

Despair - where are you God?

The Dr and I had level 5 tonight and decided that sometimes the journey is bloody hard and confusing. We fuck up period.

I never found out this woman's name. I met her in Ghana 4 years ago...her existence seemed to torment her, then again if I had to walk 7 miles for water....

'My mind cannot encompass You, but my heart longs for You. It is the pain of my emptiness that I glimpse You. I long for You, but cannot grasp You. That is why you are My Dearest: I long for You most, but You are the most costly. I know You are not harsh, but most gentle, that Your generosity is without limit, and there is nothing You will not forgive, that You let Your sunrise on the just and the unjust alike. It is because You are so attractive that You are also a source of pain, of terrifying darkness, for to lose You is to lose everything, to be separated from everyone and everything I have ever loved and cherished.'
Gerard W. Hughes

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TG said...

you have some very beautiful, painful and yet hopeful messages and stories, very thought provoking and inspiring...thankyou for sharing them