Sunday, May 14, 2006


Seems i am now over half way i turned thirty six...the waves go rolling by, but they seem much bigger than they used to be, or maybe I'm more afraid of them, more afraid of everything, afraid of who i am, afraid that i really am a fake...sat with a whiskey contemplating it all....1 year on and 3 more steps behind...i pray somewhere out there angels wrestle for our lives...

Say goodnight not good-bye
You will never leave my heart behind
Like the path of a star
I'll be anywhere you are

In the spark that lies beneath the coals
In the secret place inside your soul
Keep my light in your eyes
Say goodnight not good-bye

Don't you fear when you dream
Waking up is never what it seems
Like a jewel buried deep
Like a promise meant to keep

You are everything you want to be
So just let your heart reach out to me
I'll be right by your side
Say goodnight not good-bye

You are everything you want to be
So just let your heart reach out to me
Keep my light in your eyes
Say goodnight not good-bye
(Beth N Chapman)


LoserBaby said...

Happy Birthday pal.


LB, x

marko said...

fantastic picture, old man

Mata H said...

Felicitations of the day. I am glad you were born. It gets easier later. I am 56 and (trust me) the best is yet to come for you.

--Mata H

1 i z said...

Happy Birthday!

G-zuz said...

A wonderful quote from a wonderfully bad movie:

There is not a minister, a monk, a nun, or priest who does not, at one time or another, look at himself in the mirror and I a fool?

'nuther great line from the same flick.

"Are you a faithless preacher or are you a mean mother-fu**ing servant of God?"

This latter quote was offered moments before the minister charged into a horde of vampires with waterballoons filled with holy water.

Happy Birthday, Sir. In the words of the vampire..."heh, you are just a child."

bigjohn said...

A somewhat belated happy birthday fella, have one of these on me eh?


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

thanks everyone...this fragile heart appreciates your strength

mister tumnus said...

i was watching six feet under yesterday. david has just been beaten and tortured by a hitchhiker. he relates the tale to clare, the whole story. as he tells her how he thought he was about to die he laments that there was nothing he could think of, no-one who could provide an image he could hold onto for safety. 'i even forgot to pray. can you believe that? i forgot to pray to god'.

clare looks at him and says, 'well. god saved you anyway'.

keep on keepin' on. is the thing i think. happy birthday.

Mata H said...

Your birthday present from me (seriously) is in the mail. It should arrive later this week at your work address. Enjoy.


The Harbour of Ourselves said...

thank you for your kindness

i look forward to shelter from the rain....

Jules said...

My you look rough!

don't spose you'll ever read this

love Jules x