Friday, May 26, 2006

James K Baxter

'When people love one another, and speak the truth, and share their goods - Christ comes to live in their hearts, whether they believe in Him or not - because Christ is the Love of the Many incarnate among men.

These things are possible to sinners. The bread of friendship can be eaten even if it is spotted with fly dirt. And the fact that these things are possible gives the man who is speaking to you a real hope and a real sense of meaning in life.

To love means in the long run to die for one's friends. There are no exceptions to that rule. The seed has to die in order that the plant may grow.'
(James K Baxter)


The Meaning Weakened by the Lies said...

Lol you are so often relevant to events within my life.
Speaking to a non christian last night, who although seemingly lost jokes that satan is more on his side (but holds some belief in God, Jesus) is one of the most honest compassionate people I know, I endeavoured to explain that our extremely close friendship was only constructed by a love that could come from God, and hence whether he believed it or not, he was a part of something more than he had realised and that God was a much bigger part of his life than he had ever realised.
He seemed suprised, possibly humbled, but not disbelieving.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Baxter along with all those who don't quite fit stretch us, but my feeling is that these flawed broken vessels are closer to the heart of god than most...concerning baxter...
... anyone who wants to understand the man will have to understand what lies beyond the slightly kitsch surface of Baxter's Catholicism. It's in the sacramental universe of the faith that he finds his deepest metaphor for human existence - the bread broken, the wine poured out, the man crucified between two thieves. If he's on a search for God, it's that sort of God he's looking for.