Monday, May 01, 2006

'When I look at myself I don’t see
the man I wanted to be.
Somewhere along the line I slipped off track.
I’m caught movin’ one step up and two steps back'

(Bruce Springsteen: One Step Up, from Tunnel of Love)

entropy and the hypocrisy of our own hearts are dangerous things


KH said...

Maybe it is only through getting lost from time to time that we can ever become the person we want to be. Maybe we just have to trust in our loved ones (and dare I say it the sometimes elusive God) as they look past all the shit and see the potential of that man/woman inside of us and they try to guide us home.

The Meaning Weakened by the Lies said...

May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.