Friday, May 12, 2006

Shelter of Storms

Every morning i still greet the sun, but so much has changed now, and it has changed forever...the battles, trials and major failings have put pay to that...i curse who i am and long for the shelter of storms

some scars aren't visible...they remain unseen...but they live with us forever

my grandma elsie used to say that time did not merely numbed...i never really believed her, now i wise she was

i miss her...i miss so much

all i feel are these words by my soul buddy mr's all i have right now

'he was a good man, went around
with compassion in his eyes
he'd do anything for anyone
loved truth and hated lies
some say he was burdened
some think he was free
some say was driven
this man of empathy

at night he'd slip away in sleep
and run down winding roads
to where an angel stood...
before healing waters

he was a good man who would not choose
to walk on middle ground
believed he had to lose himself
in order to be found
walking in his brokeness
and desperate honesty
with questions there inside him
aching to be free

at night he'd meet his angel
said 'let me bury all this pain'
but the angel would not let him
said 'one day i'll explain'

broken on the wheels of living
broken by this life
broken yet still held together
by this love

one day he just lost it
the anger blew inside
he pushed past his admirers
and found a place to hide
he was a good man who pushed down the locks
and turned the engine on
prayed there for forgiveness
and hoped it wouldn't take too long

soon he slipped away in sleep
and ran down winding roads
to where an angel stood...
before healing waters
(M Joseph)

for all those who need healing waters and the shelter of storms...

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G-zuz said...

RE:Post on Talking2jah:

Thanks for the comment. You are a springsteen fan AND a Tom Waits fan. You are already my friend.

I write the liturgy for my church and once slipped a prayer made entirely of springsteen lyrics.