Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roads... many to choose and so many to travel down....some pretty smooth some not so....Some journeys are reasonably straight forward, with a destination assured of and recognised. Others are, to put it plainly, bloody hard work. You have a vague idea of a direction, hopeful of a destination that will be kind, but that’s all you have...

...i have been listening to the new Kris Kristofferson CD... very impressive indeed...these lyrics moved me so much...they dig deep into my is so precious, and yet sadly so short...I'd like to think though we are all Canaan bound....that place where the grass is soft and green and the trees are honey filled...

'Look at that old photograph
Is it really you
Smiling like a baby of dreams
Smiling ain't so easy now
Some are coming true
Nothing's simple as it seems

But I guess you count your blessings with the problems
That you're dealing with today
Like the changing of the seasons
Ain't you come a long way
This old road

Looking at a looking glass
Running out of time
On a face you used to know
Traces of a future lost
In between the lines
One more for the rainbow road

Thinking of the faces in the window
That you passed along the way
Or the last thing you belived in
Ain't you come along way
This old road

So you tried to chase the sun down
And you let it slip away
And the holy night is failing
Ain't you come along way
This old road

Look at that old photograph
Is it really you?

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