Sunday, March 26, 2006


Have struggled to find any words for a while now. Someone once told me that God treasured our too many words - pretty generous really because words without actions mean bugger all...anyway, any words I have seem cheap at the moment so I'm going to borrow someone else's...someone who has devoted his life to doing something beautiful with the poor and broken of this world, one of the warmest people I know...Garth Hewitt. In these words he tells the story of 3 other humans whose words had great depth because their lives were much more than those words...

Light a candle in the darkness
light a candle in the night
let the light of God unite us
light a candle in the night

It was raining down in Memphis
on the night before he died
a shot of hate would come tomorrow
maybe that's why the heavens cried

It was on a Monday evening
in the town San Salvador
that he took the fatal bullet
all because he loved the poor

On a Sunday down in Gaza
Rachel Corrie took her stand
as the bulldozer kept coming
her blood was shed upon the land

But she held high the torch for freedom
she lit a flame without a doubt
for the ones the world's forgotten
it's a flame that won't go out...
(G Hewitt)


Crazy Grace said...

Don't beat yourself up. Show me one person whose actions match up to their words!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

kind words...thank you