Monday, March 06, 2006

Save me...

'Lord save me from trendy religion that makes cliches out of timeless truths.'
Rich Mullins...someone who I wished I'd met and level 5'd with...more than a poet and thinker, he left a timeless legacy. Rich died in a car accident September 19, 1997. My friend Stocki knew him and wrote this poem when he was taken from us.

BIG MOMENTS (for Rich)

There are sweet moments of grace
And times when saints come touch us
Chance meetings that seem meant to be
Coincidences far too obvious
And I can hear the water falling
The ocean crash on New England's shore
The brown brick spine of some dirty blind alley
The shaving that fell on the carpenter's floor
I can feel the hammer dulcimer move me
That voice proclaim truth and love
Giving me glimpses and clues of this life on earth
And inklings of the promise above
Like just a speck upon my time line
That the Son caught to make shine bright
Such big, big moments in tiny seconds
Leaving me to follow in your traces of light
How I longed to spend more time with you
Maybe now someday that time will come
You've left a legacy to think on until then
Thoughts to fill my life and then some

Someone said that you know a saint
By how alive they make you feel
Not by how much they show you
But by how little they conceal
You left us with broken hearts and souls
Our hope is feebly attempting to temper it
We lost so much more than skin and bone
You are the world as I best remember it...
(Steve Stockman)

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