Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost Souls

I know I'm throwing lots of quotes out there to the world that is blog, but sometimes, because of circumstances, you just can't find the bloody words yourself! Here's a great quote from my Jewish blood brother...

'Martin Buber defines a miracle as an event that instills us with a feeling of "abiding astonishment'. The experience of being lost in the shadow side of experiencing something miraculous: Both are bewildering, both transformative. Over time, if we are sensitive and perceptive, we will come to view all of life with a sense not of shock but of wonder. With wisdom, we will shed our doubts and fears, regardless of the challenges or hardships we must confront. We will welcome the adventure, for it is life itself, with all its ambiguity and mystery, that is the hidden miracle - overlooked, omnipresent, waiting to be discovered and explored'.
Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein

I just wish it wasn't so damned hard to get there...maybe that's what makes the journey so great?


Rainbow dreams said...

You know - sometimes I think I can half imagine that........... how incredible would that be?

Really like that - thanks

Cynthia said...

I dont know ....even if we welcome the adventure, the fear and doubt are always there. Unless, of course I am totally on my own with that point.

The old saying...feel the fear and do it anyway has merit.

I also, have never experienced a miracle, besides maybe the miracle of birth. At the time, I was thinking many, many wonderous words, miraculous, however, was not one of the colourful words going through my head.

Rainbow dreams said...

Fear and doubt is all part of being human I would guess - perhaps I read "accept" instead of "shed" - how typical of me to put my own interpretation on someone elses work!!

Often I think each day is full of miracles - not in the huge lifechanging sense, but in the little things that make each day special regardless - or maybe I am just wearing rose coloured glasses?