Monday, February 20, 2006


Have been thinking that maybe we need to break down walls that our ego's protect. We surely must try not to hide our own loneliness, our brokenness, our doubts and our fears from those around us - the idea that we are strong in truth is folly, it's bullshit. Maybe that's what confession is all about - not separating the inner work and struggles of our souls to the outworking of our relationships...maybe


Rainbow dreams said...

maybe we shouldn't try to hide it but surely in reality we have to find ways of coping with it or else how can we ever be there for those who rely on us to be strong for them?

Rainbow dreams said...

excuse lack of punctuation - was typing as I thought!

The Meaning Weakened by the Lies said...

I think I would partly have to agree with you. You can't always be so openly emotionfull(think i made that up but hey) because not everyone is equipped to appreciate or understand. Although sometimes you can find an amazing bond of honesty with with someone that leaves you completely open to them. It is not foolish, though I suspect rather wishful to think that there are more than a few people we can do this with in a lifetime. Would we want to? This is what makes them special.

Rainbow dreams said...

I have been thinking strong is the wrong word - I would rather have used support!
I do agree that noone is strong as such - we are all vulnerable and will be hurt if we open up to people who don't show respect for our opinions and feelings.
Which means we can only show our inner selves to those we feel we can truly trust, and take the risk on whether that trust is misguided or not.