Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Morning coffee with a spoonful of wisdom

I have just had my morning visit from by far the most eccentric but wonderful priest I know. Old in years and carrying the scars of many a struggle, sill weary with his fight with the bottle this beautiful imperfection makes me smile and think every morning when he pops his head into my office and shares a coffee and a story of two.

In his usual mad and tangental (is that a word?) way he was talking about one thing then suddenly said, 'You know, we've come a long way from where it all started' - a spiritual depth charge!

He's left now to go walk his dogs - though in truth they walk him - and he's caused my mind to be busy. in my worst moments, when I look at the way those who wear the name Christian bicker and fight over the small stuff i wonder if there's anything in it at all.

For what it's worth I do believe the Word became flesh in carpenter, unfortunately we've spent the last 2000 years turning Him back into words again.... lets not deny the questions from the very ones who need to ask them.


The Meaning Weakened by the Lies said...

'Tangental' = purely fictional word, but a fair enough attempt at tangential, meaning peripheral, at a tangent or divergent. ;o)

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

splendid - how crap am i - hadn't even noticed I hade missed out the i - doh!

When i finish my book I know who will edit it