Saturday, February 04, 2006

Times of Transition

Simon Mayo once said that 'if you have the wisdom to see life as a journey...Mike Riddell makes for one heck of a guide'. Mike is a precious friend who I don't communicate with nearly enough. He describes himself as 'a wordsmith and raconteur, screenwriter, novelist, playwright and poet'. It is said that guru Riddell 'mines the vaults of the psyche in search of stories which are capable of helping us embrace our humanity'.

The last time we spent a few days together (too long ago now) we talked of change and the difficulty in dealing with it - as we quaffed first a few beers and then some whiskey his wisdom flowed. Here is an example of such insight:

'None of us has precisely the same path to follow, and yet all of us are summoned to follow a path...For many of us, the understanding emerges clearly in mid-life, at the very time when we suspect it is too late for us to do anything about it. Our soul knows better; it is simply time to wake up...So let us go then, you and I. Forging our way into the undiscovered territory of the mystery which constitutes our living. It is the most ancient of all human undertakings - the journey...It is the adventure we have been made for, and we will never know ourselves or others while we ignore it'.

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Rainbow dreams said...

Thats easy enough to accept, but its still unnerving when the path changes direction, and it's not clear what adventure awaits you this time!